From our humble Beginnings

The co-founders of Advanced Fabrication began operating a coffee cart at a corporate campus in October of 2002, shortly after they opened two more locations in Southern California. During this time the founders recognized a need for creating custom coffee carts and kiosks that were branded for their individual needs and would meet all necessary health codes and building requirements. So, together they met with designers and millworkers to engineer a new era of coffee carts and kiosks for both themselves and other entrepreneurs. Coffee Cart Biz Inc. was Incorporated in 2004. Together our founders went on to open multiple cafes, drive thrus and kiosks throughout Southern California and built hundreds of coffee businesses for both large corporations and first time business owners. Soon, they began offering training programs and products as additional support to their coffee cart customers. The advancement of their operation and ability to create top of the line millwork, led to the fabrication of cafes, drive thrus and modular kiosks and In 2008 Advanced Fabrication was launched to provide assistance in design, layout, construction, equipment and millwork of coffee and food related businesses. Ivy League Barista Academy was developed to provide a TURN-KEY system for new business owners across the globe.

Together our companies offer turn-key solutions for current coffee business owners and future coffee business owners who recognize the same opportunities that attracted us to the coffee industry. Our team provides a solid foundation for current and future customers and is devoted to assisting specialty coffee business owners with growing and expanding their coffee businesses.

Thank you for considering Advanced Fabrication, we hope to welcome you to our team soon.


Foundation of values

The revolution